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Fig. 8

From: [18F]Fluoromisonidazole PET in rectal cancer

Fig. 8

The line profiles that pass through the tumour and non-tumour activity in a patient scan at 2 h before enema as seen in Fig. 6b (in a) and at 4 h after enema as in Fig. 6c (in b). The red arrow shows the non-tumour region, and the blue arrow shows the surrounding region that encompassed the tumour. This figure shows that enema was helpful in reducing the non-tumour activity concentration from 13.8 kBq/cm3 (in a) to 7.8 kBq/cm3 (in B), a decrease of 44%. Consequently, the activity concentration in the surrounding region was also reduced from 7 kBq/cm3 (in a) to 6 kBq/cm3 (in b), a decrease of 14%. The red and blue dotted lines show the same numeric values on y-axis; h = hour; kBq = kilo Becquerel; CC or cm3 = cubic centimetre; mm = millimetre;   % = percentage

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