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Table 1 Results after treatment with 213Bi-MX35 and unlabeled MX35

From: Therapeutic efficacy of α-radioimmunotherapy with different activity levels of the 213Bi-labeled monoclonal antibody MX35 in an ovarian cancer model

Group Treatment Activity concentration Macroscopic tumor (no. of animals) Microscopic tumor (no. of animals) Ascites (no. of animals) TFF
1 213Bi-MX35 3 MBq/mL 4/20 9/20 0 0.55
2 213Bi-MX35 9 MBq/mL 1/18a 4/18a 0 0.78
3 Ref. group (cold MX35) 7/20 17/20 4 0.15
  1. TFF tumor-free fraction, i.e., fraction of the mouse groups with no macroscopic or microscopic tumors and no ascites
  2. aTwo animals were excluded from the mouse group receiving 9 MBq/mL; one was sacrificed earlier because of atypical mouse behavior (no tumor tissue could be detected), and one was excluded because of a sole subcutaneous tumor outside of the peritoneum which was suspected to be the result of cell leakage from the peritoneal cavity post inoculation