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Table 2 Image acquisition and correction methods of FMZ PET and IMZ PECT study

From: I-123 iomazenil single photon emission computed tomography for detecting loss of neuronal integrity in patients with traumatic brain injury

  FMZ PET study IMZ SPECT study
Tracers C-11 flumazenil I-123 iomazenil
Acquisition system BGO PET system (Asahi-Siemens ECAT EXACT HR+) Triple-head gamma camera with low-energy high-resolution fan-beam collimators (Toshiba GCA-9300)
Scatter correction Single scatter simulation method No scattter correction
Attenuation correction Measured with transmission scan Chang’s method
Reconstruction method Fourier rebinning algorithm + direct-inversion Fourier transformation Filtered back projection
Image acquisition 60-min dynamic acquisition with 3D mode Static image (20 to 40 min and 120 to 140 min after the tracer injection)
FWHM (mm) after reconstruction 6.4 10