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Fig. 6

From: 18F-FDG-labeled red blood cell PET for blood-pool imaging: preclinical evaluation in rats

Fig. 6

18F-FDG-labeled RBC PET in a persistent intraabdominal bleeding model. a Maximum-intensity-projection images in pre- (left) and post- (middle) bleeding phase and the subtracted (right) image between them. The subtracted image shows massive bleeding in the right side of the abdomen (arrowheads). b PET, CT, and fused PET/CT axial images at the middle level of the abdomen. CT shows an area of fluid collection, and the fused image shows high radioactivity in the corresponding area (arrows). c Time-activity curve of extravascular radioactivity in the subtracted image. The radioactivity was continuously increased after the manual puncture of the colonic wall (22 min)

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