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Table 2 Normalised cumulative activity (NCA) for organs and tissues of significant uptake

From: The clinical safety, biodistribution and internal radiation dosimetry of [18F]AH113804 in healthy adult volunteers

Source region r S \( {\tilde{A}}_{r_{\mathrm{S}}}^{\mathrm{Norm}}\kern0.24em \left(\raisebox{1ex}{$ MBq h$}\!\left/ \!\raisebox{-1ex}{$ MBq$}\right.\right) \)
Subject Mean
001–0011 001–0012 001–0013 001–0014 001–0015 001–0016
Sex M F M M M F M F
Brain 1.02E−02 8.37E−03 1.02E−02 1.05E−02 8.29E−03 7.26E−03 9.78E−03 7.81E−03
Gallbladder 2.19E−03 5.74E−04 2.20E−03 2.84E−03 1.71E−03 5.53E−04 2.23E−03 5.64E−04
Heart contents 2.87E−02 2.27E−02 3.41E−02 3.10E−02 2.78E−02 2.53E−02 3.04E−02 2.40E−02
Heart wall 8.38E−03 1.67E−02 4.11E−03 6.37E−03 2.67E−03 1.37E−02 5.38E−03 1.52E−02
Kidneys 4.13E−02 1.28E−01 4.92E−02 5.04E−02 5.97E−02 6.24E−02 5.02E−02 9.52E−02
Liver 1.29E−01 1.27E−01 1.74E−01 1.24E−01 1.09E−01 1.11E−01 1.34E−01 1.19E−01
Lungs 5.99E−02 3.95E−02 5.05E−02 6.16E−02 5.62E−02 5.25E−02 5.71E−02 4.60E−02
Intestinal contents Small intestine 2.20E−03 0.00E+00 6.35E−04 0.00E+00 3.73E−03 2.70E−03 1.64E−03 1.35E−03
Bolus (unitless) 3.53E−03 0.00E+00 1.07E−03 0.00E+00 6.95E−03 5.38E−03 2.89E−03 2.69E−03
Spleen 1.78E−02 1.62E−02 1.66E−02 1.38E−02 2.00E−02 1.43E−02 1.71E−02 1.52E−02
Thyroid 6.61E−04 5.35E−04 9.35E−04 1.07E−03 6.17E−04 8.55E−04 8.20E−04 6.95E−04
Urinary bladder contents Fit 1.14E+00 1.09E+00 8.87E−01 9.13E−01 1.14E+00 1.15E+00 1.02E+00 1.12E+00
Dynamic model (3.5-h voiding interval) 5.94E−01 6.15E−01 5.00E−01 5.29E−01 6.41E−01 6.52E−01 5.66E−01 6.34E−01
Remaining tissues 1.20E+00 1.23E+00 1.32E+00 1.43E+00 1.25E+00 1.12E+00 1.30E+00 1.17E+00
  1. The ‘Bolus’ value for the intestinal contents is the maximum decay-corrected fraction of injected activity encompassed by the intestinal VOI and is input to the ICRP 30 model within the OLINDA/EXM software