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Table 4 Relevant original articles

From: The role of FDG-PET/CT in preoperative staging of sentinel lymph node biopsy-positive melanoma patients

Author Study design Included Patient population Diagnostic test(s) Diagnostic evaluation Findings
PET/CT Recommended
 Gulec et al. [21] Retrospective 49 patients MM patients
46 stage III/IV
3 stage II (high risk)
FDG-PET/CT vs. CT plus brain MRI Treatment change in 49 % FDG-PET/CT better than CT plus brain MRI for determining extent of disease
 Bronstein et al. [22] Prospective 32 patients MM patients
Clinically evident III
Oligometastatic IV
FDG-PET/CT Treatment change in 12 % FDG-PET/CT of use preoperatively in surgically treatable metastatic melanoma
 Schule et al. [11] Retrospective 52 patients in primary staging group MM patients stages III-IV FDG-PET/CT vs. CT alone Treatment change in 59 % FDG-PET/CT better than CT alone for primary staging
PET/CT not recommended
 Wagner et al. [24] Retrospective 46 patients MM patients with positive SLNB PET/CT Treatment change in 0 % PET/CT provides no benefit for this patient group
 Scheier et al. [18] Retrospective 46 patients MM patients with positive SNLB PET/CT Treatment change in 7 % PET/CT not recommended for asymptomatic MM patients with positive SLNB micrometastasis
  1. MM malignant melanoma, SNLB sentinel lymph node biopsy