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Fig. 3

From: Preclinical PET imaging of EGFR levels: pairing a targeting with a non-targeting Sel-tagged Affibody-based tracer to estimate the specific uptake

Fig. 3

PET images, summed 30–60 min, and TACs from a SCID mouse (prone) bearing tumors (white arrows): a one FaDu xenograft (1 × 106 cells, 12 days) or b two FaDu xenografts (left: (1 × 106 cells, 12 days); right: (0.5 × 106 cells, 12 days). Comparison A illustrates the higher uptake with targeting [methyl-11C]-ZEGFR:2377-ST-CH3 but with a ≈60 % non-targeting uptake of [methyl-11C]-ZTaq:3638-ST-CH3. Comparison B illustrates the visually discernable heterogeneous uptake of the targeting Affibody in the larger tumor on the left. SUVmean is affected by whether the entire (1) or only central ROI (2) of the left tumor is used

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