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Table 7 Human effective doses of 68Ga radiopharmaceuticals and 18F-FDG

From: Erratum to: Absorption, distribution and excretion of intravenously injected 68Ge/68Ga generator eluate in healthy rats, and estimation of human radiation dosimetry

Radiopharmaceutical Effective dose (mSv/MBq) Reference
68Ga-DOTANOC 0.025 Pettinato 2008 [10]
68Ga-DOTATOC 0.023 Hartmann 2009 [11]
68Ga-DOTATATE 0.021 Sandström 2013 [12]
68Ga-NOTA-2Rs15d 0.0218a Xavier 2013 [13]
BAY86-7548 0.051 Roivainen 2013 [14]
18F-FDG 0.0190 ICRP Publication 1998 [15]
68Ga-eluate 0.0483b, 0.0338c Present study
  1. aExtrapolated from tumour xenograft mice; bObtained by using female rat data; cObtained by using male rat data