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Table 2 Absorbed doses (mGy/MBq) obtained by using the TIACs of the considered organs and respective standard deviations (SD)

From: 177Lu-OPS201 targeting somatostatin receptors: in vivo biodistribution and dosimetry in a pig model

Target Organ Pig 1 Pig 2 Pig 3 Pig 4 Pig 5 Mean ± SD (n = 5)
Adrenals 6.82E−02 7.69E−02 6.12E−02 7.39E−02 6.69E−02 6.94E−02 ± 0.01
Brain 5.80E−02 6.74E−02 5.24E−02 5.90E−02 5.88E−02 5.91E−02 ± 0.01
Breasts 5.59E−02 6.74E−02 5.14E−02 5.87E−02 5.66E−02 5.80E−02 ± 0.01
Gallbladder wall 6.61E−02 7.55E−02 5.91E−02 7.08E−02 6.61E−02 6.75E−02 ± 0.01
LLI wall 6.06E−02 7.10E−02 5.49E−02 6.55E−02 6.10E−02 6.26E−02 ± 0.01
Small intestine 6.20E−02 7.25E−02 5.65E−02 6.65E−02 6.21E−02 6.39E−02 ± 0.01
Stomach wall 6.13E−02 7.23E−02 5.61E−02 6.55E−02 6.13E−02 6.33E−02 ± 0.01
ULI wall 6.19E−02 7.24E−02 5.64E−02 6.62E−02 6.20E−02 6.38E−02 ± 0.01
Heart wall 1.10E−01 4.44E−01 9.35E−02 1.38E−01 1.23E−01 1.82E−01 ± 0.15
Kidneysa 2.71E+00 2.17E+00 2.55E+00 4.46E+00 1.76E+00 2.73E+00 ± 1.03
Liver 2.37E−01 1.68E−01 1.27E−01 2.17E−01 2.64E−01 2.03E−01 ± 0.05
Lungs 5.94E−02 7.10E−02 5.39E−02 6.19E−02 6.01E−02 6.13E−02 ± 0.01
Muscle 5.89E−02 6.92E−02 5.36E−02 6.20E−02 5.93E−02 6.06E−02 ± 0.01
Ovaries 6.10E−02 7.16E−02 5.54E−02 6.60E−02 6.14E−02 6.31E−02 ± 0.01
Pancreas 6.57E−02 7.60E−02 5.95E−02 7.09E−02 6.51E−02 6.74E−02 ± 0.01
Red marrow 2.17E−01 7.72E−02 1.05E−01 7.00E−02 2.25E−01 1.39E−01 ± 0.08
Osteogenic cells 1.34E+00 3.75E−01 5.73E−01 2.76E−01 1.38E+00 7.89E−01 ± 0.53
Skin 5.58E−02 6.62E−02 5.11E−02 5.85E−02 5.64E−02 5.76E−02 ± 0.01
Spleen 6.48E−02 7.48E−02 5.95E−02 7.13E−02 6.34E−02 6.68E−02 ± 0.01
Testes 5.73E−02 6.81E−02 5.24E−02 6.16E−02 5.79E−02 5.95E−02 ± 0.01
Thymus 5.84E−02 7.21E−02 5.35E−02 6.12E−02 5.92E−02 6.09E−02 ± 0.01
Thyroid 5.85E−02 6.91E−02 5.34E−02 6.04E−02 5.92E−02 6.01E−02 ± 0.01
Urinary bladder wall 2.44E−01 1.58E−01 5.78E−02 1.15E+00 1.64E−01 3.55E−01 ± 0.45
Uterus 6.13E−02 7.19E−02 5.53E−02 6.96E−02 6.14E−02 6.39E−02 ± 0.01
Total body 1.02E−01 8.76E−02 7.64E−02 8.87E−02 9.98E−02 9.09E−02 ± 0.01
  1. aThe range of kidney absorbed doses was 1.8−2.7 Gy/GBq; the kidney dose value of pig 4 was 4.5 Gy/GBq due to lack of amino acid infusion. The kidney absorbed dose value of pig 4 was not eliminated from the mean absorbed dose calculation