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Table 2 Suspected diagnosis in comparison to PETPETCT gold standard

From: Impact of attenuation correction on clinical [18F]FDG brain PET in combined PET/MRI

  1. The suspected diagnosis from PETCTderived, PETDixon, PETPseudoCT and PETBoneDixon did either match (green) or mismatch (orange) with the diagnosis from the gold standard PETPETCT. According to a majority decision, there was a mismatch only in patient 13 for PETPseudoCT and PETBoneDixon. Note: despite the quantificational difference, the suspected diagnosis for this particular patient did not differ between PETPETCT and PETCTderived according to either of the readers. AD Alzheimer’s dementia, FTLD frontotemporal lobar degeneration