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Fig. 5

From: PET imaging of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) in a pre-clinical colorectal cancer model

Fig. 5

a Western blot analysis of COX-2 in HCA-7 and HCT-116 cell lysates as well as tumor samples generated from these cells. b Transaxial, coronal, and sagittal PET images at 120 min post injection of [18F]Pyricoxib into HCT-116 tumor-bearing NIH-III mouse. c Time-activity curves for HCT-116 tumor uptake of [18F]Pyricoxib in comparison to its uptake into HCA-7 tumors over 2 h post injection. Data are shown as mean ± SD from three dynamic PET experiments. d HCA-7 and HCT-116 tumor uptake determined from ex vivo biodistribution 2 h after injection of [18F]Pyricoxib. Data are shown as mean ± SD from three experiments each

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