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Table 3 The partial scoring of each compartment (glomeruli, tubules, and interstitium) was summed to obtain the cumulative score

From: Contribution of Auger/conversion electrons to renal side effects after radionuclide therapy: preclinical comparison of 161Tb-folate and 177Lu-folate

Cumulative score (glomeruli, tubules, interstitium) Final score Renal injury
0–0.9 0 No histological abnormality
1.0–2.9 1 Minimal
3.0–6.9 2 Mild
7.0–10.9 3 Moderate
11.0–13.9 4 Marked
14.0–15.0 5 Severe
  1. The cumulative score was then converted to a final score indicating the degree of renal injury