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Fig. 1

From: Targeted scVEGF/177Lu radiopharmaceutical inhibits growth of metastases and can be effectively combined with chemotherapy

Fig. 1

Growth of 4T1luc mouse breast carcinoma metastatic lesions in syngeneic Balb/c mice. a Representative longitudinal whole body BLI performed during 13 days after intracardiac injection of 4T1luc cells. Prior to imaging mice received lucefirin (0.5 mg/mouse, intraperitonially). b Representative CT imaging of metastatic bone lesions at day 13 after 4T1luc injection. Blue arrows indicate metastatic lesions. Red cross marks left hind leg. c MicroCT image of right and left hind leg knee. Areas of significant pitting and large areas of osteolysis associated with bone metastatic lesions are visible around knee joints

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