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Fig. 2

From: Preclinical imaging of the co-stimulatory molecules CD80 and CD86 with indium-111-labeled belatacept in atherosclerosis

Fig. 2

ac In vivo SPECT/CT images acquired 48 h (a, b) or 18 h (c) after i.v. injection of ~10 MBq 111In-DOTA-belatacept (25 μg) in CD1 nu/nu mice bearing Raji (R, encircled) and a NCI-H69 xenograft (N, encircled) on the shoulders, as indicated. b Blocking with 500 μg unlabeled belatacept. L liver, LN lymph nodes, S salivary glands, U urinary bladder. Colors, SPECT signal (estimated % ID/g) according to scale bar; gray, computed tomography (CT). d Representative ex vivo autoradiograms of Raji and NCI-H69 xenografts dissected 48 h p.i. of ~10 MBq 111In-DOTA-belatacept (exposed on identical plate)

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