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Fig. 1

From: Preclinical imaging of the co-stimulatory molecules CD80 and CD86 with indium-111-labeled belatacept in atherosclerosis

Fig. 1

a Representative immunofluorescence microscopy images of Raji cells stained with DAPI (blue) and anti-CD80, anti-CD86, or anti-CTLA-4 antibody (green). The control samples were incubated with secondary antibody only. Scale bar 20 μm. b Saturation binding assay of 111In-DOTA-belatacept with Raji cells. Specific binding was calculated by subtracting the non-specific binding (111In-DOTA-belatacept and excess unlabeled belatacept) from the total binding (111In-DOTA-belatacept only). c Lindmo binding assay with a constant 111In-DOTA-belatacept concentration of 0.5 nM

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