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Fig. 1

From: Non-invasive molecular imaging of inflammatory macrophages in allograft rejection

Fig. 1

99mTc-SER-4 binds to Sn. Binding studies were performed by incubating 99mTc-SER-4 and Sn-Fc followed by analysis with radio-HPLC size exclusion chromatography. a 99mTc-SER-4 elutes at 8 min and 35 s. b 99mTc-SER-4 was added to Sn-Fc and an elution peak at 7 min and 20 s was observed corresponding to the 99mTc-SER-4 bound to Sn-Fc. c When 99mTc-SER-4 was added to Sn-Fc protein in the presence of unlabelled SER-4, no binding was observed and only the 99mTc-SER-4 elution peak was observed. d 99mTc-IgG isotype control did not bind to Sn-Fc with a peak elution time similar to 99mTc-SER-4 of 8 min and 35 s

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