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Fig. 1

From: Statistical and radiobiological analysis of the so-called thyroid stunning

Fig. 1

Predicted survival fraction (Eq. 3) and TCP (Eq. 1) for 107 and 109 cells as functions of the dimensionless variable \( \widehat{\alpha}A \). Note that an activity 15 times lower than that needed to ensure a TCP between 70 and 95 % already kills about 75 % of the cells. The figure depends only on the cells number ,Nc, present in the tissue to be controlled and not on their type. The cell type only modifies the value of \( \widehat{\alpha} \), i.e., the corresponding activity A needed to control the tissue. 107 and 109 cells typically correspond to thyroid remnants total weight ranging from 0.02 to 2 g

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