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Table 3 Results from IPA analysis of diseases and functions related to thyroid after 131I and 211At exposure

From: Gene expression signature in mouse thyroid tissue after 131I and 211At exposure

Nuclide Δt (h) D (Gy) Disease or function p value Involved moleculesa
211At 1 0.023    
  6 0.32 Dystransthyretinemic euthyroidal hyperthyroxinemia 7.92E−03 UP: TTR
    Quantity of L-triiodothyronine 2.65E−03 DOWN: LEP UP: TTR, UCP1
   1.4 Differentiated thyroid cancer 4.63E−04 DOWN: IDH1, MMP2, PDGFRA, RAP1GAP, TEK, TGFBR2 UP: CDKN1A, RET,
    Medullary thyroid cancer 1.01E−03 DOWN: AMY1A (includes others), PDGFRA, TEK UP: RET,
    Thyroid cancer 1.91E−04 DOWN: AMY1A (includes others), ECM1, IDH1, MMP2, PDGFRA, RAP1GAP, SERPINF1, TEK, TGFBR2 UP: CDKN1A, RET
  24 0.05    
   11 Metastasis of thyroid gland tumour 1.21E−03 DOWN: VIM UP: RET
    Thyroid cancer 1.18E−03 DOWN: AMY1A (includes others), NTRK2, PPARG, SLPI, VIM UP: CDH1, PPARGC1A, PRLR, RAP1GAP, RET, SLC5A8, TP63,
   32 Medullary thyroid cancer 1.50E−03 DOWN: AMY1A (includes others), NTRK2 UP: PRLR, RET
    Thyroid gland development 4.71E−03 DOWN: HOXA5, TBX1 UP: RET
  168 1.8    
131I 24 0.85 Thyroid cancer 1.58E−04 DOWN: AMY1A (includes others), CDKN1A, ECM1, FLT1, MMP2, PPARGC1A, SERPINF1 UP: PPARG, SPP1, TUBA8
   8.5 Thyroid cancer 2.05E−03 DOWN: AMY1A (includes others), CDKN1A, MMP2, PPARGC1A, PRLR, SERPINF1 UP: CCND1, PPARG, TUBA8
   17 Lack of thyroid gland 9.65E−03 DOWN: FGF10
  1. DOWN and UP indicate down- and upregulation, respectively
  2. Abbreviations: Δt exposure time, D absorbed dose
  3. aIPA predicts involved molecules in the form of human proteins