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Fig. 6

From: Optimal definition of biological tumor volume using positron emission tomography in an animal model

Fig. 6

Sensitivity and GTAOE/WTAH curves from methods I–III and MIM contouring in method IV. ac The sensitivity and GTAOE/WTAH were plotted against linear increment in threshold values derived from methods I–III, respectively. In each plot, the means were plotted in a darker line with data points, accompanied by the 95 % confidence intervals plotted in a thinner line without data points. d FDG-PET image of rat 5 was loaded into the MIM system as described in method IV. Two tumor contouring attempts (ROI blue and ROI magenta) using PET/SPECT edge contour function were demonstrated in axial (right), sagittal (middle), and coronal (left) planes. The two attempts were initiated with different seed points and yielded two inconsistent gross tumor volumes. GTA OE the overestimated area in the gross tumor area, WTA H whole tumor area on histology

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