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Fig. 4

From: Optimal definition of biological tumor volume using positron emission tomography in an animal model

Fig. 4

Binary classification system. A schematic diagram of our binary classification system: FDG-PET tumor contouring in a certain pair of co-registered images at a certain threshold value derived from a certain contouring method. a Macroscopic histological image representing a tumor with central and peripheral necrosis. The areas to be tested by FDG-PET are composed of both viable and non-viable portions of the tumor. Notably, the surrounding normal tissues are not included in the tested areas at this stage. b Gross tumor area (GTA) generated from a certain FDG-PET threshold value. c The fused image of a and b. Areas 8, 9, and 10 represent the overestimated areas in the GTA extending into the surrounding normal tissue and background air space

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