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Fig. 2

From: (18F)FDG-PET brain imaging during the micturition cycle in rats detects regions involved in bladder afferent signalling

Fig. 2

Coronal brain sections with overlay of clusters with increased relative (18F)FDG uptake (yellow-red) and decreased relative (18F)FDG uptake (blue). a Volume-induced voiding (n = 10) vs. empty bladder (n = 10). b Isovolumetric bladder contractions (n = 6) vs. empty bladder (n = 6). AIV agranular insular cortex, 7Cb 7th cerebellar lobule, 5Cb 5th cerebellar lobule, ECIC external cortex inf colliculus, Cg1 cingulate cortex, DI dysgranular insular cortex

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