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Table 1 Antibody characteristics and antigen expression

From: Evaluation of immune cell markers in tumor tissue treated with radioimmunotherapy in an immunocompetent rat colon carcinoma model

Antigen Clone (supplier) Dilution Antigen expression on tumor-infiltrating cells
CD2 OX-35 (AbD Serotec) 1:800 T-cells, B-cells, NK cells
CD3 Polyclonal (18–0102, Invitrogen) 1:200 T-cells
CD8α OX-8 (AbD Serotec) 1:200 Cytotoxic T-cell, NK cells, DC subset
CD68 ED-1 (AbD Serotec) 1:200 All macrophages, neutrophils, DC, myeloid progenitors (e.g. myeloid-derived suppressor cell)
CD163 ED-2 (LSBio, LifeSpan BioSciences) 1:200 Pro-tumor macrophages (M2) [26, 27]