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Fig. 3

From: A novel 11C-labeled thymidine analog, [11C]AZT, for tumor imaging by positron emission tomography

Fig. 3

Time activity curves of injected [11C]AZT or [11C]d4T in the tissues of tumor-bearing mice. (a) Time changes of activity of [11C]AZT (expressed as Closed) or [11C]d4T (expressed as Opened) in C6 (expressed as Diamond) and HeLa (expressed as Square) tumor tissues over 3600 s. Statistical analysis of [11C]AZT injected mice vs [11C]d4T injected mice by RM two-way ANOVA indicates a significant difference, ***P < 0.001. (b) The uptake of [11C]AZT by tumor and several normal tissues over 3600 s after injection into C6 or HeLa tumor-bearing mice (n = 3 per group). The data were averaged from 3 mice and activity is indicated as the SUV

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