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Fig. 8

From: Radioiodinated PARP1 tracers for glioblastoma imaging

Fig. 8

Uptake of [131I]-I2-PARPi in orthotopic U251 MG brain tumors. a SPECT/CT images of a mouse bearing an orthotopic U251 MG brain tumor (top) and a healthy mouse treated with [131I]-I2-PARPi (bottom). b Autoradiography and H&E stains of ex vivo brain sections from orthotopic U251 MG brain tumor mice. Mice were treated with [131I]-I2-PARPi alone (left) or [131I]-I2-PARPi with a pre-injection of Olaparib (right). Yellow arrows point towards the tumors. c, d Quantification of [131I]-I2-PARPi uptake in brain or muscle in non-blocked, blocked, and healthy mice

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