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Fig. 5

From: Development of a clickable bimodal fluorescent/PET probe for in vivo imaging

Fig. 5

Visualization of PC-3 tumors by optical imaging as well as PET imaging using the dual-modality imaging agent 18F-BODIPY-BBN. a Ex vivo fluorescent imaging of tumor and muscle after intravenous injection of BODIPY-BBN 5 (18 nmol) in PBS (4 % DMSO, 200 μL); For a control experiment PC-3 tumor-bearing mice were injected with PBS (4 % DMSO, 200 μL); scale bar: 5 mm. b In vivo small animal PET/CT images (30 min) after intravenous injection of 18F-BODIPY-BBN 3 (55 ± 10 μCi) in PBS (4 % DMSO, 200 μL)

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