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Figure 3

From: Differentiation of malignant tumours from granulomas by using dynamic [18F]-fluoro-L-α-methyltyrosine positron emission tomography

Figure 3

Static 18F-FAMT (a) and 18F-FDG (b) images in rats bearing granuloma and tumour. Transverse, coronal and sagittal images of 18F-FAMT and 18F-FDG (50 to 60 min). White arrow: locations of C6 tumour (right) and granuloma (left). Individual values of SUV for 18F-FAMT (c) and 18F-FDG (d) in granuloma and tumour lesion (50 to 60 min p.i.). Significant differences were determined (**p < 0.005; N.S., not statistically significant).

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