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Figure 2

From: Somatostatin receptor subtype 2 in high-grade gliomas: PET/CT with 68Ga-DOTA-peptides, correlation to prognostic markers, and implications for targeted radiotherapy

Figure 2

68Ga-DOTA-peptide uptake in high-grade gliomas does not correspond to SSTR2 immunohistochemistry. Axial fused PET/MR images 30 to 60 min post-injection, corresponding contrast-enhanced T1-weighted MR images, and tumor SSTR2 IHC from three different patients. Primary glioblastoma (patient no. 17) presents 68Ga-DOTANOC uptake (A) and contrast-enhancement in MRI-T1-Gad (B). Patchy areas of positive SSTR2 staining were observed (C). Another primary glioblastoma (patient no. 15) also shows 68Ga-DOTANOC uptake (D) and contrast enhancement (E). However, SSTR2 IHC was negative (F). Primary oligoastrocytoma (patient no. 10) represents no 68Ga-DOTANOC uptake (G) and no contrast enhancement (H), but high SSTR2 expression in IHC was detected (I). Color scale in PET images is set to maximum (red) 10,000 Bq/ml and minimum (blue) 0 Bq/ml. Bar = 50 μm.

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