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Figure 3

From: Lapatinib access into normal brain and brain metastases in patients with Her-2 overexpressing breast cancer

Figure 3

Radioactivity versus time curves and tissue exposure. Time-activity curves (TACs) for individual metastases for all the subjects from the day 8 PET scan (A) show variability in uptake between and within patients. Mean TAC is also shown for comparison (green) and shows minimal variability. In (B), mean TACs for normal brain (green) is plotted for comparison with mean whole blood (red) and plasma (plasma) TACs. Uptake has been corrected for injected activity and normalised for body weight and quantified in the Y-axis as standardised uptake value (SUV; g/mL). Tissue exposure (area under the TAC SUV (min.g/mL) for normal brain (C) and metastases (D) shows variability in uptake in metastases. However, there is minimal variability in uptake within metastases on day 1 (red bars) compared to day 8 (green bars). Minimal variability in lapatinib uptake is seen in normal brain between subjects. AUC, area under the curve concentration; contrib, contribution; min, minutes; Sub, subject; SUV, standardised uptake value; TAC, time-averaged concentration.

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