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Figure 2

From: Evaluation of the specificity of [18F]fludarabine PET/CT in a xenograft model of follicular lymphoma: comparison with [18F]FDG and impact of rituximab therapy

Figure 2

Illustrations of typical PET/CT scans and quantitative [18F]fludarabine PET/CT analysis. (a) Co-registered and fused coronal images for a vehicle-treated (to the left of the colour scale) and a rituximab-treated animal (to the right of the colour scale); the totality of the tumour is delineated on the illustrations. (b) Relationship between [18F]fludarabine accumulation [%ID] and tumour volume (vehicle-treated, n = 9: left graph and rituximab-treated, n = 9: right graph); PET quantification with VOIMAVT based strictly on the viable lymphoid tissue. Data are displayed as a ratio of baseline (defined as 1). Correlation coefficients and significance were determined using Pearson’s test.

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