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Figure 1

From: Whole-body organ-level and kidney micro-dosimetric evaluations of 64Cu-loaded HER2/ErbB2-targeted liposomal doxorubicin (64Cu-MM-302) in rodents and primates

Figure 1

Radiopharmacokinetics of 64Cu-MM-302 in blood and maximum exposed organs of CD-1 mice. Data are expressed as %ID/g for the blood (a), liver (b), spleen (c), kidneys (d), and lungs (e). Data represent the mean ± SD of the three mice. Solid lines indicate data that are not decay corrected, representing 64Cu decay and 64Cu-MM-302 liposome kinetics. Dashed lines represent data that are decay corrected to the time of injection, illustrating the pharmacokinetics of 64Cu-MM-302 liposomes.

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