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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Pilot study of 89Zr-bevacizumab positron emission tomography in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Number Sex Age (years) Primary tumor Evaluable metastasis Histology Bevacizumab maintenance therapy Best response Site of progression PFS (weeks) OS (weeks)
1 F 56 RLL - AC Yes PR LLL 56 79
2 M 51 RUL Peritoneum AC Yes PR PC 13 17
3 M 59 RLL Bone AC Yes PR RULa 27 48
4 M 61 RLL Bone LCC Yes CR RA 35 63
5 F 54 RLL Bone AC Yes PR Brain 54 74
6 F 69 RH Pericardium AC Yes PR MC 34 60
7 M 51 LH Bone AC No PD Livera 3 3
  1. Evaluable metastases are non-primary lesions, located within the PET field of view. All patients received bevacizumab maintenance therapy, except for one patient, who died before bevacizumab maintenance therapy could be administered. The best tumor response to chemotherapy is shown. Progressive disease was seen in all patients. aTwo patients developed clinical disease progression before radiological progression. One patient developed progression due to brain metastasis. Sites of radiological progression are shown. PFS and OS were calculated in weeks, between start of chemotherapy and date of progression and death, respectively. AC, adenocarcinoma; CR, complete response; F, female; LCC, large cell carcinoma; LH, left hilum; LLL, left lower lobe; M, male; MC, meningitis carcinomatosa; OS, overall survival; PC, peritonitis carcinomatosa; PD, progressive disease; PFS, progression-free survival; PR, partial response; RA right adrenal gland; RH, right hilum; RLL, right lower lobe; RUL, right upper lobe; SDC, salivary duct carcinoma.