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Table 1 The RPPA markers that showed significant modulations after 1 day of the RO4987655 treatment

From: Evaluation of efficacy of a new MEK inhibitor, RO4987655, in human tumor xenografts by [18F] FDG-PET imaging combined with proteomic approaches

Analyte Pvalue Pathway
ERK1/2-P-Thr201/Tyr204 <0.001 MAPK
PKC alpha/beta II-P-Thr638/641 <0.001 cAMP/metabolism
MKK4-P-Ser257/Thr261 <0.001 MAPK
mTOR-P-Ser2448 0.005 mTOR
EGFR-P-Tyr1068 0.0039 RTK
PKA C-alpha/beta/gamma-P-Thr197 0.0049 c/AMP/metabolism
GSK3 beta-P-Ser9 0.0267 Wnt/metabolism
MEK1/2-P-Ser217/221 0.00267 MAPK
IGF-receptor 0.0034 Insulin
4E-BP1 0.0062 Metabolism
Cyclin D 0.0168 Cell cycle control
P53 0.0221 Cell cycle control
Akt-P-ser473 0.0991 Akt/metabolism
MEK2 0.6743 MAPK
C-met 0.8373 RTK