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Figure 4

From: Imaging RAGE expression in atherosclerotic plaques in hyperlipidemic pigs

Figure 4

Ex vivo imaging of the aorta. The top-row images are the planar scans of the aortas from a HL pig injected with 99mTc-anti-RAGE F(ab′)2 (left), farm pig injected with the same antibody in the middle, and a HL pig injected with radiolabeled control antibody on the right. Tracer uptake is seen in the distal arch and proximal thoracic aorta in the HL pig, but no appreciable focal uptake is seen on the aortas from the farm pig and the HL pig injected with control antibody. The graph below shows uptake as %ID, with blue bar representing the mean ± SD for all the HL pigs injected with 99mTc-anti-RAGE F(ab′)2 and average values for three farm pigs and two HL injected with non-immune IgG. The small increment of uptake of 99mTc-anti-RAGE F(ab′)2 over the controls corresponded with low expression on histology.

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