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Figure 2

From: Visualization of angiogenesis during cancer development in the polyoma middle T breast cancer model: molecular imaging with (R)-[11C]PAQ

Figure 2

Time activity curves and PET images. Time activity curves and PET images (3-D volume rendering technique) over 60 min for a (A, B) WT mouse and (D, E) WT rat after injection of (R)-[11C]PAQ and a comparison of biodistributions for (R)-[11C]PAQ and (R,S)-[11C]PAQ in (C) mice and (F) rats. Organs and tissues examined are the same in both species except the adrenals, which could not be satisfactorily delineated in the mouse. (C) and (F) display the uptake in the liver, kidney and lung at early (9 to 11 min) and late (55 to 60 min) time points after injection of (R)-[11C]PAQ or (R,S)-[11C]PAQ in rat and mouse, respectively.

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