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Table 6 Effective doses of123I-based tracers listed in ICRP 80[5]

From: Biodistribution and radiodosimetry of a novel myocardial perfusion tracer 123I-CMICE-013 in healthy rats

Tracer EDE (mSv/MBq)
Iodide (thyroid blocked, uptake 0%) 1.10E-02
Iodide (thyroid uptake 35%) 2.20E-01
Iodoamphetamine (IMP) 2.70E-02
Iodine-labeled fibrinogen 2.00E-02
Iodine-labeled albumin (HSA) 2.00E-02
Iodine-labeled microaggregated albumin (MIAA) 1.80E-02
Hippuran 1.20E-02
Hippuran, bladder emptied 1 h after administration 4.60E-03
Hippuran, bladder emptied 0.5 h after administration 5.90E-03
Metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) 1.30E-02
Sodium rose bengal 5.90E-02