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Table 5 Estimated effective doses of 123 I-CMICE-013 for male and female humans

From: Biodistribution and radiodosimetry of a novel myocardial perfusion tracer 123I-CMICE-013 in healthy rats

Organ Male Female
Equivalent dose to target organ (mSv/MBq) Weighted equivalent dose (mSv/MBq) Equivalent dose to target organ (mSv/MBq) Weighted equivalent dose (mSv/MBq)
Adrenals 5.35E-03 2.68E-05 6.72E-03 3.36E-05
Brain 3.84E-03 1.92E-05 4.86E-03 2.43E-05
Breasts 3.40E-03 1.70E-04 4.36E-03 2.18E-04
LLI 6.63E-03 7.96E-04 7.96E-03 9.55E-04
SI 6.82E-03 3.41E-05 7.80E-03 3.90E-05
Stomach 1.36E-02 1.63E-03 1.64E-02 1.97E-03
ULI 6.92E-03 3.46E-05 8.44E-03 4.22E-05
Kidneys 4.87E-03 2.44E-05 6.08E-03 3.04E-05
Liver 5.76E-03 2.88E-04 7.48E-03 3.74E-04
Lungs 4.81E-03 5.77E-04 6.33E-03 7.60E-04
Muscle 4.17E-03 2.09E-05 5.16E-03 2.58E-05
Pancreas 6.49E-03 3.25E-05 8.03E-03 4.02E-05
Red marrow 3.91E-03 4.69E-04 4.73E-03 5.68E-04
Osteogenic cells 1.37E-02 1.37E-04 1.76E-02 1.76E-04
Skin 2.89E-03 2.89E-05 3.53E-03 3.53E-05
Spleen 5.29E-03 2.65E-05 6.58E-03 3.29E-05
Testes (m)/Ovary (f) 3.92E-03 7.84E-04 6.77E-03 1.35E-03
Thymus 4.92E-03 2.46E-05 6.19E-03 3.10E-05
Thyroid 1.24E-02 6.20E-04 1.44E-02 7.20E-04
Bladder 6.56E-03 3.28E-04 8.28E-03 4.14E-04
Uterus 5.58E-03 2.79E-05 6.63E-03 3.32E-05
ED ICRP 60 6.99E-03
ED ICRP 103 7.15E-03