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Table 2 Tissue weighting factors in ICRP 103[11]

From: Biodistribution and radiodosimetry of a novel myocardial perfusion tracer 123I-CMICE-013 in healthy rats

Tissue/Organ Weighting factor
Breast, colon, lungs, red marrow, remainder, stomach 0.12
Gonads 0.08
Bladder, liver, esophagus, thyroid 0.04
Bone surfaces, brain, salivary glands, skin 0.01
  1. The following 13 tissues/organs were considered as parts of the ‘Remainder’ in the dosimetry estimate: adrenal glands, extrathoracic region, gall bladder, heart, kidneys, lymphatic nodes, muscle, oral mucosa, pancreas, small intestine, spleen, thymus, and prostate (male), or uterus/cervix (female).