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Figure 2

From: Radiosensitization of noradrenaline transporter-expressing tumour cells by proteasome inhibitors and the role of reactive oxygen species

Figure 2

Effect of bortezomib alone or combined with 131 I-MIBG/topotecan on the growth delay of experimental tumours. Growth of human tumour xenografts derived from (A) SK-N-BE(2c) cells or (B) UVW/NAT cells in athymic mice exposed to PBS, bortezomib alone (0.8 mg/kg), 131I-MIBG (18 or 5 MBq for SK-N-BE(2c) or UVW/NAT, respectively) + topotecan (1.75 or 0.875 mg/kg for SK-N-BE(2c) or UVW/NAT, respectively) or the combination of bortezomib with {131I-MIBG + topotecan}. Data are expressed as mean tumour volume at every time point (mm3) ± SD. Abbreviations: BZ, bortezomib; M/T, 131I-MIBG and topotecan administered simultaneously.

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