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Figure 6

From: Measuring dopaminergic function in the 6-OHDA-lesioned rat: a comparison of PET and microdialysis

Figure 6

Microdialysis-measured effects of acute LDOPA compared to functional measures from PET. Correlations between the increases in DA metabolite concentrations in striatal dialysates and PET measures of dopaminergic function. Data are for the striatum ipsilateral to lesioning, following i.p. injection of 15 mg/kg benserazide (t = 0) and 50 mg/kg LDOPA (t = 30 min). (A) Comparison with DTBZ BPND. (B) Comparison with FDOPA EDVR. (C) Comparison with FDOPA k ref. (D) Comparison of the absolute increase in DA metabolites with FDOPA k ref. In each panel, a solid line shows the result of a linear regression to the data.

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