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Figure 5

From: Measuring dopaminergic function in the 6-OHDA-lesioned rat: a comparison of PET and microdialysis

Figure 5

Microdialysis following acute LDOPA. Increases in DA metabolite concentrations in striatal dialysates (at time t = 120 to 180 min) following i.p. injection of 15 mg/kg benserazide (at t = 0 min) and 50 mg/kg LDOPA (at t = 30 min), compared to denervation severity (measured as the PET-measured asymmetry in DTBZ binding). (A) Results for the left striatum (contralateral to the lesion). (B) Results for the right striatum (ipsilateral to the lesion). The solid lines in (A) and (B) show linear regressions to the data.

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