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Table 1 Results of the CuAAC reaction for different catalysts and heating conditions

From: 18 F-click labeling and preclinical evaluation of a new 18 F-folate for PET imaging

  Cu(I)I (%) Cu(I)I + sodium Cu(II)acetate + sodium Cu(II)sulfate + sodium
ascorbate (%) ascorbate (%) ascorbate (%)
Microwavea 60 ± 3 22 45 n.d.
Oil bathb 20 n.d. 30 15
  1. For all reactions, the used copper concentration was kept constant, whereby that for reactions using copper(II) ascorbate was used in tenfold excess. Yields were determined by HPLC, and for the superior conditions, n = 3. aPerformed at 110°C for 10 min and a mode with 1-min pre-run and a maximum power of 300 W; bperformed at 65°C. n.d., no data.