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Figure 1

From: Cardioprotective effects of adenosine within the border and remote areas of myocardial infarction

Figure 1

Examples of FDG-PET images at 48 h, 1 month and 2 months in representative cases. Horizontal and vertical long-axis slices are shown at both end-diastole (ED) and end-systole (ES), and segmental contractility is assessed through the increase in myocardial counts between ED and ES. Counts are represented through a colour scale, which is displayed on the right side of the figure and where the maximal count level (100%) is represented in white, 50% is in blue and less than 10% is in black. The change in the colour of myocardial walls from ED to ES images, which reflects contractile function, was marked outside the MI area (white arrows) for the three rats at baseline. This change was unaffected at 2 months for CADO rats, but was clearly affected for control and 8-SPT rats. Global LV remodelling was similar in the three experimental groups, with expansions of infarct areas (red arrows) and increases in LV volumes.

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