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Figure 4

From: Optimized dose regimen for whole-body FDG-PET imaging

Figure 4

SNR norm versus body mass. Signal-to-noise ratio normalized for the administered FDG dose and scan time per bed position (SNRnorm) versus body mass. Besides the best fits through the data, also their 95% confidence intervals are shown, and the best fit with the value of the parameter d fixed to 1 for (A) the Biograph TruePoint (TP) and for the Biograph mCT for three different reconstructions: (B) OSEM3D, (C) OSEM3D + PSF and (D) OSEM3D + PSF + TOF. The fit with the parameter d fixed to 1 corresponds to the situation where SNRL can be kept constant by a quadratic relation between dose and body mass.

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