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Table 1 Transit measurements in GI tract using charcoal Tc-DTPA at different time points

From: Gastrointestinal transit measurements in mice with 99mTc-DTPA-labeled activated charcoal using NanoSPECT-CT

Specimen number After gavages of charcoal Tc-DTPA Transit measurements in the GI tract
1 1 h and 10 min Stomach and small intestine are clearly labeled
2 3 h Stomach and small intestines are clearly labeled; leading front is just entering into the cecum
3 6 h Whole GI tract is prominently labeled; well-defined cecum, transverse colon and large intestinal loops, and prominent labeling of the colon were seen
4 8 h The transverse colon, descending colon and fecal pellets in the rectum are clearly labeled
5 22 h Only little activity remains in the stomach (potentially parietal cells accumulating free Tc)