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Figure 4

From: Synthesis and evaluation of [11C]MMPIP as a potential radioligand for imaging of metabotropic glutamate 7 receptor in the brain

Figure 4

PET studies with [11 C]MMPIP in the rat brain. (A) representative PET images of [11C]MMPIP with conventional SA on the horizontal slice. (B) time-activity curves (TACs) of [11C]MMPIP with conventional SA (58 GBq/μmol) in the thalamus (open circles), cerebellum (open squares), cerebral cortex (open triangles), striatum (filled squares), and pons/medulla (filled circles) of baseline rats. (C) TACs of the blocking study with unlabeled MMPIP (1 mg/kg). (D) TACs of [11C]MMPIP with high SA (3,740 GBq/μmol).

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