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Table 1 List of unit operations available to build a synthesis sequence

From: ELIXYS - a fully automated, three-reactor high-pressure radiosynthesizer for development and routine production of diverse PET tracers

Unit operation Description of function
Initialize Initializes hardware
TrapF18 Trap [18F]fluoride from cyclotron or preloaded external vial
EluteF18 Elute [18F]fluoride with a reagent from the cassette
Add Add a reagent from any cassette
Evaporate Evaporate the contents of a reactor
React Fully seal a reaction vessel for a reaction
Transfer Transfer solvents and reaction products from one reaction vessel to another, often using purification cartridges in between
TransferToHPLC a Transfers the contents of the reaction vessel to the HPLC injection loop
ExternalAdd Move a reactor to its add position for externally adding a reagent
Mix Mix the contents of a reaction vessel
Install Move a reactor to a position for reaction vessel removal and/or installation
MeasureRadiation a Measures the radiation level of a given reactor
  1. aThese unit operations are currently under development.