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Figure 1

From: Imaging receptor for advanced glycation end product expression in mouse model of hind limb ischemia

Figure 1

Scan results. (A) Representative coronal slices from SPECT/CT scans following injection of 99mTc-anti-RAGE F(ab’)2 5 days after left FAL for a WT diabetic mouse (left), WT non-diabetic mouse (center), and WT non-diabetic mouse injected with non-specific mouse IgG F(ab’)2 (right). (B) Bar graph shows quantitative RAGE uptake from scans in hind limbs for WT diabetic (left set of bars) and WT non-diabetic (right side set of bars) 5 days after FAL. Each bar represents average ± SD. DM, diabetes mellitus; NDM, non-diabetes mellitus; FAL, femoral artery ligation; WT, wild type.

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