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Table 3 Influence of bladder fraction on urinary bladder wall dose (UBW) and effective dose (ED)

From: Preclinical radiation dosimetry for the novel SV2A radiotracer [18F]UCB-H

Dose TD Dynamic single
Bladder fraction 0.3 UBW 9.67E-02 9.85E-02
ED 1.66E-02 1.63E-02
Bladder fraction 0.4 UBW 1.26E-01 1.28E-01
ED 1.77E-02 1.74E-02
Bladder fraction 0.5 UBW 1.54E-01 1.56E-01
  ED 1.88E-02 1.84E-02
  1. Variation of UBW absorbed dose in mGy/MBq and ED for ICRP 103 weighting factors (mSv/MBq) for different bladder fractions and a voiding interval of 4 h.