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Table 2 [ 18 F]FACT time-integrated activity coefficients in the source organs

From: Evaluation of the biodistribution and radiation dosimetry of the 18F-labelled amyloid imaging probe [18F]FACT in humans

Organ Human (MBq-h/MBq) Mouse (MBq-h/MBq)
  Mean ± 1 SD Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3 Subject 4 Subject 5 Subject 6  
Adrenal gland 5.38E−04 ± 2.98E−04 9.40E−04 8.40E−04 5.20E−04 3.70E−04 4.00E−04 1.60E−04 -
Brain 4.20E−02 ± 8.44E−03 5.41E−02 3.68E−02 3.53E−02 4.87E−02 4.42E−02 3.26E−02 6.99E−03
Breast 8.40E−03 ± 4.37E−03 1.14E−03 8.25E−03 5.59E−03 1.16E−02 1.19E−02 1.19E−02 -
Gallbladder contenta 2.22E−01 ± 1.05E−01 - 1.49E−01 2.27E−01 3.88E−01 1.16E−01 2.31E−01 -
Lower large intestine content 2.12E−02 ± 2.03E−02 5.91E−02 1.06E−02 4.80E−03 2.27E−02 2.40E−02 5.96E−03 -
Small intestine content 8.78E−02 ± 1.08E−01 7.40E−02 3.74E−02 3.34E−02 3.06E−01 3.36E−02 4.25E−02 1.22E−01
Stomach content 6.71E−03 ± 2.28E−03 5.22E−03 6.23E−03 9.29E−03 9.84E−03 4.78E−03 4.87E−03 -
Upper large intestine content 2.55E−02 ± 1.89E−02 1.48E−02 4.88E−02 1.01E−02 4.99E−02 2.04E−02 8.85E−03 -
Heart content 1.12.E−02 ± 1.51E−03 1.24E−02 1.13E−02 1.02E−02 1.30E−02 1.15E−02 8.83E−03 3.95E−03
Heart wall 7.50E−03 ± 1.84E−03 4.63E−03 1.00E−02 8.84E−03 6.75E−03 7.28E−03 7.49E−03 2.39E−03
Kidney 1.34E−02 ± 3.27E−03 1.32E−02 1.16E−02 1.53E−02 1.89E−02 9.59E−03 1.20E−02 9.34E−03
Liver 4.92E−01 ± 1.05E−01 6.28E−01 5.85E−01 4.34E−01 5.15E−01 3.42E−01 4.49E−01 1.69E−01
Lung 3.55E−02 ± 1.16E−02 3.78E−02 5.31E−02 4.36E−02 2.46E−02 2.33E−02 3.08E−02 1.17E−02
Muscle 4.66E−01 ± 3.73E−01 9.43E−01 5.47E−01 7.97E−01 5.40E−02 4.12E−01 4.34E−02 1.57E−01
Ovaryb 5.53E−04 ± 3.79E−05 - - - 5.70E−04 5.10E−04 5.80E−04 -
Pancreas 4.13E−03 ± 9.75E−04 6.10E−03 3.62E−03 3.93E−03 3.81E−03 3.55E−03 3.76E−03 -
Red marrow 3.98E−02 ± 4.33E−03 4.02E−02 3.83E−02 3.79E−02 4.59E−02 4.29E−02 3.34E−02 1.61E−02
Spleen 5.41E−03 ± 1.74E−03 8.64E−03 4.88E−03 3.83E−03 6.01E−03 4.77E−03 4.30E−03 1.28E−03
Testisc 5.77E−04 ± 4.67E−04 7.00E−04 6.10E−05 9.70E−04 - - - -
Thyroid 3.53E−04 ± 1.55E−04 6.30E−04 3.70E−04 3.60E−04 2.40E−04 1.80E−04 3.40E−04 -
Urinary bladder contents 2.26E−02 ± 8.36E−03 1.70E−02 2.69E−02 1.55E−02 3.63E−02 2.49E−02 1.51E−02 6.56E−02
Uterus/uterine wallb 4.46E−03 ± 1.90E−03 - - - 6.42E−03 2.63E−03 4.33E−03 -
Remainder of the body 1.17 ± 3.63E−01 7.24E−01 1.06 9.48E−01 1.08 1.51 1.69 2.08
  1. Averaged time-integrated activity coefficient (MBq-h/MBq) for the source organs (n = 6) from the whole-body PET data (n = 6) from experiments involving human subjects of [18F]FACT and mice of [18F]FACT. aAveraged value among five subjects excluding subject no. 1. bAverage time-integrated activity coefficient among female subjects (n = 3). cAverage time-integrated activity coefficient among male subjects (n = 3).