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Figure 7

From: Gating, enhanced gating, and beyond: information utilization strategies for motion management, applied to preclinical PET

Figure 7

PET images (coronal slice) illustrating differences in signal quality between gated, gating+, and ungated images. In example A, the activity in the ribs is not well discernible from its surroundings in the gated image; however, in the corresponding gating+ image, the bones have discernible contrast. The gating+ image also shows better definition of the liver and kidneys. In example B, we again see discernible boundaries of the liver and ribs in the gating+ image and not in the gated image. Both images also highlight the global noise reduction provided by gating+. Example A was acquired with 18F-FDG, and example B was acquired with 18F-FBDPMA.

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